Merbridge Networks Corporation


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Imagine a telephony solution where a patient’s family member can call into the
medical facility and connect with their loved one just by saying the patient’s name.
That’s what Merbridge can deliver, along with unparalleled 24/7 customer service and support.

If you have software applications such as MediTech or PS Suite EMR, we have
experience integrating Mitel call control systems with them. Larger hospitals and
healthcare facilities will greatly benefit from integrating the Mitel telephony system
with speech auto attendants and MediTech. This will result in automated routing to
the desired department, doctor, nurse, administrative staff or patient.

You can also save on operational costs with Merbridge. We know how to reduce
hardware at each site. Options include moving the Mitel phone systems to a
virtualized platform in a central location or having legacy hardware transitioned to a
"software only" model. The latter will centralize call control between all

We also develop custom software especially for hospitals and hospices. Our software
development ranges from overhead paging applications to CODE-system integration
management. If you ever need to call for a CODE, know that the Mitel infrastructure
will process it as quickly as possible saving valuable seconds and minutes.

If you’re not satisfied with your current national provider or looking for a
communication partner with superior customer service, better technical support, and
skilled technicians, Merbridge is your best choice.

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